2024 Jeep Commander Rumors Redesign Reviews

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Jeep Commander 2024 Interior

2024 Jeep Commander. It has been revealed that the brand-new Jeep Commander will return in the following year. According to the most recent official announcement, the Latin American market should be the first to receive this new SUV. We don’t know if this model will be sold in the US, but we do know that a much bigger version known as the Grand Commander will be sold in China.

Interestingly, we’ve got some spy shots and it looks like the new Jeep Commander looks a lot like the Jeep Compass. However, the main difference between them is that the shape of the leader is boxy. In fact, it uses FCA’s Small Wide platform which also powers the Renegade and Compass models.

2024 Jeep Commander Redesign

Design-wise, the new 2024 Jeep Commander looks compact and stylish. The latest Jeep Compass clearly inspired this SUV. First of all, it runs on FCA’s Small Wide platform which also supports compass and sits between the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models.

With a wheelbase of just under 111 inches, this model certainly offers a cabin more spacious than the Compass. Stylistically, the first renderings reveal Jeep’s signature design language. Of course, some exclusive details are available, such as a more attractive front fascia, a different but similar grille and stylish headlights.

2024 Jeep Commander Interior Rumors

Inside, the overall quality of the new 2024 Jeep Commander will be at a high level. Unfortunately, there are no renders available or even spy shots to confirm this. In fact, many reports indicate that the new Commander will have a very spacious three-row cabin, which should accommodate seven passengers.

However, we don’t know for sure if this model will come standard with two rows of seats, or if a third row will be optional. Overall, we should expect a slightly longer list of standard equipment and more tech stuff than we saw in the latest Grand Cherokee.

2024 Jeep Commander Powertrain Specification

Jeep recently revealed plans to launch four electric vehicles and ten plug-in hybrids by 2024. Reportedly, the upcoming 2024 Jeep Commander may use some of these. The closest possibility is the PHEV system we saw in the latest Wrangler 4xe.

This model uses a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a powerful electric motor, a 17.3 kWh battery pack, and a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. Combined, the system delivers approximately 49 mpg (miles per gallon equivalent) and 25 miles of electric-only driving range. Of course, we’d expect at least one other engine to be shown as well.

2024 Jeep Commander Release Date And Price

The answer is yes. The new single-body 2024 Jeep Commander is being tested, and its styling appears to be based heavily on the smaller Compass model. We don’t know for sure if this model will only be available in Latin America or maybe it will hit US soil next year.

It is said that North America could get the Grand Wagoneer with an extended wheelbase, but that information is not yet official. The exact price and release date of the Commander aren’t available at the moment, but expect more news in the coming months.

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2024 Jeep Commander Update

Most of us don’t remember but the Commander was one of the nameplates Jeep used in the mid-2000s. It came out in 2005, as an extended version of the Jeep Liberty, now known as the Jeep Cherokee. It was an extended version, with three rows of seats but it couldn’t get a better position in the market. Therefore, it is no wonder that its production ended five years ago. Meanwhile, a new model called Grand Commander was launched for the Chinese market. Now, we’re hearing rumors that the nameplate could be making its way to North America, in the form of the 2024 Jeep Commander.

For now, the higher-ups are sticking around, which makes sense given that management is currently preoccupied with the next generation Grand Cherokee and the return of the Grand Wagoneer. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate on a possible return, which was first rumored several years ago.

2024 Jeep Commander Design

When it comes to basic design characteristics, it’s hard to be precise at this point. However, most unofficial reports indicate that the 2024 Jeep Commander could easily be a modified version of the great Chinese Commander. It will be positioned between the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, with a wheelbase of just under 111 inches. It falls between a compact and mid-size SUV in terms of dimensions, but there’s certainly enough room for three rows of seats. Given its size and expected level of luxury, we assumed the Volkswagen Tiguan would be a natural competitor. Also, there are many other models of similar size.

Mechanically, the Chinese model uses proven design solutions. It rides on the good old Compact Wide platform and shares many parts with the Cherokee. In terms of design, you can see the typical Jeep design language. Of course, some exclusive details too. We assume the North American release could come with some tweaks, but most of them will likely remain the same.

Remote Areas

Although it is designed primarily for the Chinese market, the overall quality is at a fairly high level. The dashboard not only looks attractive, but also uses high-quality materials. Therefore, we don’t expect many modifications to adapt this interior to the needs of American drivers. However, we might expect to see a slightly longer list of standard equipment and more high-end tech items. In terms of interior space, the Chinese version comes standard with three rows of seats. On the other hand, the American model is likely to come with two rows, while the third is optional.

2024 Jeep Commander Engine

The Chinese version comes standard with a 2.0-liter turbo four. That’s good for about 230 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. Most likely, the North American version will feature a more powerful version of this engine, the same one found in the Cherokee, with a total output of 270 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The V6 option doesn’t look very likely.

On the other hand, something that certainly seems possible is electricity. We suspect that the version of the PHEV sold in China may also be offered in North America. This model also uses a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, but gets help from an electric motor and a 13-kWh battery pack.

2024 Jeep Commander Release Date And Price

Right now, the 2024 Jeep Commander is more than just a rumor. So take the report that it will arrive in North America next year with huge reserves. If it ever arrives, we’re assuming the base price will be less than $30,000.

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2024 Jeep Commander Rumor

Spy shots indicate that the 2024 Jeep Commander will come as a seven-seater version of the Compass Cross. This nameplate was used more than ten years ago, when the mid-size SUV had a short stay on the market, spanning five seasons between 2006-2010. The nameplate dates back to a few years ago when FCA launched the Great Leader of China. Abroad, the SUV is not available. The new model doesn’t have much in common with its predecessor, and it’s still questionable if it’ll ever come to the States.

Back to 2018. FCA has an important announcement. Enthusiasts focus mostly on electrics and new Jeep trucks. Meanwhile, the Grand Wagoneer is here to fill the void in the full-size segment. The virus pandemic is slowing companies to deliver on their promises. One of them is a seven-seater version of the Compass crossover, as part of the restyling. At that time, the car was brand new and we expected it to be a 7-seater in 2020. It will be delayed later to 2024, like the Grand Compass. Recent speculation points to a 2024 Jeep in place of the first nameplate.

What Do We Know So Far?

Numerous spy photos showed off the new car and it immediately caught the attention of enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. This crossover is clearly based on the Compass and the new version will offer more space. The extra space was used for the third row, increasing the seating capacity to seven. For a long time, we couldn’t buy a seven-seater Jeep in the States, until last year, when the Grand Cherokee arrived with a third row.

Well, shortly thereafter, the 2024 Jeep Commander will join the Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer in the same segment. It is still not clear if this car will be available in the United States. Compact crossovers worldwide offer larger versions with additional seats. The Nissan Qashqai+2 (Rogue’s sister), Honda CR-V, and VW Tiguan Allspace are just a few of these models. Therefore, the new leader could be here to compete, while American buyers would prefer to buy the more spacious Grand Cherokee. Finally, the Twitter announcement regarding the leader comes from FCA’s South American division.

Jeep Commander 2024 Specifications, Engine, PHEV

The Grand Commander is FCA’s first electric car in China. There is no doubt that the ranks will expand, especially knowing that the bosses were promised a long time ago. But, for now, we know that the turbocharged 2.0-liter unit is the only engine specified for the 2024 Jeep Commander. You can also find it under the hood of the new Wrangler. FCA named it The Storm. The Banger four is an excellent replacement for the factory V6, producing 275 horsepower. Six cylinders will not be available for the new Commander, also known as the Grand Compass. Speaking of its siblings, this compact crossover uses a naturally aspirated 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. Tigershark engine is good for 180 HP. That’s enough power for non-US markets, so the 2024 Commander may also feature this unit. Of course, oil burners are also an option for Europe, Asia and South America.

A plug-in hybrid variant is also a possibility, but we’re not sure it will be available right after launch. However, the 4xe model already exists for the Wrangler, and many other models will get some type of electric powertrain, whether it’s a hybrid or a PHEV. The plug-in configuration will take one step towards full electrification, promised by the late Sergio Marchionne in 2018. The Commander is one of ten electric cars and PHEVs promised for next season. Additionally, an independent Level 3 drive is a must in this package.

2024 Jeep Commander Release Date

There’s still time for development, but the spy photos are an indication that the 2024 Jeep Commander is really in the final stages of that process. The car has already been officially announced for South America, but we’d like to know more about the US release date. The seven-seater will arrive early next year, after which fans will get a full update on availability and pricing. The Grand Commander, available in China, costs between $35,000 and $55,000, depending on the model. The new leader will cost a little less to remain competitive in a tough market. On the other hand, don’t expect cheap prices for PHEV configurations.

Are Jeep Commanders Good Cars

The Jeep Commander was a midsize SUV that was produced from 2006 to 2010. It was designed to be a more family-oriented and spacious alternative to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. While the Commander was generally well-received when it was first introduced, it has not aged particularly well and is not considered a particularly good car by today’s standards. Some of the common complaints about the Commander include its outdated design, poor fuel economy, and low reliability. Additionally, the Commander was not particularly well-equipped in terms of safety features, and it has not performed well in crash tests.

2024 Jeep Grand Commander

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