2024 Honda S3000 Rumors Redesign Reviews

Tuesday, August 16th, 2022 - Honda
2024 Honda S3000 Cr Hp Specs New Lease Mpg

2024 Honda S3000. The next generation of Honda’s sports vehicles was the subject of a flurry of speculations circulating about the company’s Tokyo, Japan, headquarters. While we have seen spy images of the NSX of the future, the S2000 of the future has not been revealed. Despite withholding specifics, a source close to the business claimed that Honda is already constructing such a vehicle.

The OSM (Open Study Model) concept car must have raised some eyebrows recently at the London Show, but it’s just a convertible version of the CR-Z hybrid sports car shown at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Honda’s European design team wrote to OSM, and our staff told us that the actual successor to the S2000 would have more Japanese influence and input. Also, the CR-Z and OSM are designed as front-wheel drive/front-wheel drive models, and the successor to the S2000 will undoubtedly be a rear-wheel drive vehicle. So it turns out that OSM has nothing to do with the successor to the S2000. Or is he…?

2024 Honda S3000 Redesign

The OSM will likely be the design study for the upcoming S2000, with the CR-Z’s exposed hood to blow us away. There was also a sighting of a mysterious sports car prototype near Honda’s R&D headquarters in Japan that appears to share OSM’s pedigree, but looks very different. Could this be another design study for the S2000? We thought so, so we took a part of the car, combined it with the OSM and came up with this picture, a beautiful car with a face resembling an Audi R8, a long hood and profile reminiscent of the current S2000.

2024 Honda S3000 Interior Rumors

The new 2024 Honda S3000 is a funky roadster that is sure to bring a modern cabin. This model will offer an attractive tech package and an interior full of gadgets. Thanks to the new lighter platform, the car will have a longer wheelbase and that means a more spacious cabin. The interior will be filled with high-quality materials and will provide a lot of comfort. Expect leather seats as standard with power adjustments.

In addition, the dashboard will be cleaner and may host the 7-inch touch screen we see on current Honda models. In addition, Honda is known as one of the manufacturers that provides a qualified set of safety features. So expect plenty of airbags throughout the cabin, Blind Spot Monitoring, Brake Assist and more.

2024 Honda S3000 Powertrain Specification

What will be done under the hood remains unclear. There are rumors that Honda may equip the car with a V-6 engine, perhaps the new 3.0-liter or 3.5-liter in the Acura TL, hence the name S3000. In the US, this makes sense because it would give the car more low-end torque (something Americans love), not to mention smoother and quieter highway driving.

With an engine like this, you can expect power to range between 280 and 300 hp, allowing 0-60 to run in under 5 seconds. The most likely option is the 2.2 to 2.5 liter inline-4. Honda, which has traditionally moved away from large-capacity power plants, may feel that the four-cylinder engine makes more marketing sense in the age of high gasoline prices. There is also talk of a simple hybrid system. Only those who are directly involved in the next-generation S2000 project know for sure what the car will look like. We’ll know for sure in 2011, after Honda released the NSX and CR-Z models.

2024 Honda S3000 Release Date And Price

The return of the famous 2024 Honda S3000 may come sooner or later. Currently, there is no official release date. However, from a lot of speculation, a redesigned version of the S3000 will debut in Japan in the fall of 2024. The price of this car will depend on the level of equipment and parts. Some reports suggest that the base model could cost around $35,000. However, the purchase of some additional equipment will increase the price of this model by more than $38,000.

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2024 Honda S3000 Hardtop Air Filter Accessories

2024 Honda S3000 Hardtop Air Filter Accessories

2024 Honda S3000 Update

Rumors about the return of the new 2024 Honda S3000 have been attracting a lot of attention lately. Lots of speculation suggests that this model could happen next year. So what do you expect from the new model? The upcoming Rodster movie is sure to rock the market with its release.

Of the recently released offerings, the upcoming S3000 Roadster will feature an exterior design similar to the popular Acura NSX. Overall, the new S3000 looks more modern and has a more recognizable style. We also learned that Honda will use a lighter platform than before, which will result in better performance and efficiency. Other than that, expect more production and even a hybrid model.

2024 Honda S3000 Design

The exterior design of the 2024 Honda S3000 from the show looks attractive and modern. However, since this is not the final version, the design may change. In general, companies keep almost all information about the style of the new model confidential. However, according to the lack of official images, the latest S3000 will borrow a lot of hints from the popular NSX model.

Dimensions and proportions will be subject to slight changes. Additionally, it has sharp, sporty lines and will use lighter materials to reduce the overall weight. The body of this model offers the same aggressiveness as the NSX. In addition, both models offer a similar front end design. The only differences are the coarse headlights on the NSX and the sharper lines.

Engine Specifications Honda S3000 2024

It is still unclear what engine will power the new 2024 Honda S3000. Also, the company may use some reliable drivers as a 3.0-liter V6 or a 3.5-liter engine. Therefore, expect the output of this type of engine to be close to 300 hp. As mentioned, if this model does happen, it will definitely come with a lighter platform.

This means that it will provide much better performance and better acceleration. The hybrid version is the next possibility. As you know, almost every car manufacturer is now focusing on developing more environmentally friendly cars. Hybrid cars will definitely provide better consumption and be more environmentally friendly.

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2024 Honda S3000 Price Release Date Concept

2024 Honda S3000 Price Release Date Concept

2024 Honda S3000 Rumor

This car will offer an exterior appearance similar to the S2000. In fact, OSM stands as one of the major design influences. The S3000 will attempt to build a more distinct style with new shapes and distinct proportions. In addition, the body will be lighter, which will allow the car to move a little faster.

Faster – that’s what a two-seater roadster is all about, isn’t it? The maximum output will be 280 horsepower. However, engineers will try to extract more power from the engine. Therefore, we can expect the S3000 to produce around 300 horsepower.

2024 Honda S3000 Exterior Design

The exterior design of the highly anticipated 2024 Honda S3000 is still a bit of a mystery. The company hides almost all information about the style of the new model. But we were able to get closer details about the prototype. So, apart from the innovative features, the S3000 will also borrow a few things from the S2000.

Additionally, the roadster will look to the Honda OSM for exterior design references. The dimensions and proportions of the car will undergo slight changes, followed by sharp, sporty lines. As a result, a unique and visually attractive silhouette is formed.

Other than that, the long hood is very similar to the Audi R8, and the profile is practically the same as the S2000 in operation. The Japanese automaker will try different combinations of materials to reduce the overall weight of the car. Therefore, expect a body that is lighter and with better performance.

The available color options are still unknown, but the primary colors red, white and black are definitely present in the palette. The final concept will be presented soon. We hope it lives up to expectations.


Roadsters always come with the most attractive tech packages, interiors full of gadgets and more. The 2024 Honda S300 is no exception. The overall length of the car will increase, which means a longer wheelbase and a spacious cabin. The interior is distinguished by excellent amounts of high-quality materials and well-appointed features.

This is a two-seater vehicle and the driver and passengers of Venice will enjoy the comfort it offers. The seats are upholstered in genuine leather, with power settings and contrast stitching. Moreover, the center of the dashboard occupies a 7-inch touch screen, with intuitive controls and an intuitive interface.

Network connectivity and navigation are available and will be implemented through this offer. In addition, the built-in LED flash will bring calm to the cabin and make it more comfortable. The steering wheel has integrated controls and USB ports and is also wrapped in leather.

Of course, Honda is known for its safety features and wings. You’ll find two airbags on either side of the front seats, cruise control, blind spot monitoring, stronger braking, and more.

2024 Honda S3000 Specifications

There have been a lot of rumors about the 2024 Honda S3000 engine. It is still unclear what type of unit will power the upcoming roadster. The company will likely use a 3.0-liter V6 or a factory 3.5-liter engine. With an engine of this type, we can expect about 280 hp, or maybe close to 300 hp.

A lighter platform will also provide better performance, so acceleration should be around 5 seconds. In addition, the company is also developing a hybrid version. Hybrid cars will be part of a new generation of Honda cars. Almost every major automaker is shifting its focus to more environmentally friendly cars.

One of the main goals of the Japanese automaker is to gain new customers for the US market. Well, reducing fuel and an eco-friendly powertrain is a great way to reach new customers.

Release Date And Price

The price of the 2024 Honda S3000 is still unknown. The engineering department will try to ensure a reliable, high-performance prototype with a hybrid option. Technological updates are also one of the aspects that the company’s experts go through very carefully. Therefore, the price will depend on all these factors of production.

Some reports say the base price could start at $35,000. However, additional equipment and different types of drivetrains can increase the price by more than $38,000. Currently, there is no official release date. We expect the S3000 to debut in Japan, sometime before fall 2020. The ideal stage for it is one of the main auto shows on the island.

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