2024 BMW X8 Rumors Redesign Reviews

Saturday, September 24th, 2022 - BMW
2024 Bmw X8 Uk 0 60 Design Launch

2024 BMW X8. The next BMW X8 2024 variants are currently on the market, and we must confess that this new premium SUV has a good-looking design. After numerous spy photos, we eventually received some offers. They claim that the X8 has a more menacing appearance than the X7 variant. The future model has a wide grille, gaping sockets, and a completely redesigned back end. The modifications are significant.

At this point, we’re not sure what will power the X8, but from some rumors, it will be the manufacturer’s most powerful model, especially the X8 M. Reportedly, the X8 M should produce at least 750 horsepower, while the regular model could surpass 600 hp.

2024 BMW X8 Redesign

BMW X8 2024 is an upcoming SUV that sits above the X7. In general, this model displays a more attractive style. A prototype of the new flagship crossover has been spotted, and some designs for the BMW X8 M have just surfaced. First impressions are positive, and we see a separate headlight design also present in the recently introduced BMW 7. series. The new X8 M also features an attractive black kidney grille, including large intakes and a powerful bumper. In general, the design is one of the most aggressive, the hood with creases and sharp corners was hacked. The rear is also attractive, featuring a pair of taillights with flashy LED graphics and a sporty quad exhaust system.

2024 BMW X8 Interior Rumors

At this point, the manufacturer has not disclosed any information regarding the interior of the new model. Given the proportions, the upcoming BMW X8 2024 will have two rows, providing enough space for four or five passengers. The four-seater version will likely be more luxurious, and offer more comfort, with an airline-style reclining rear seat.

On top of that, we also expected more technology than we saw in the X7 model. From a lot of speculation, it looks like the BMW X8 will come with a dual 12.3-inch screen powered by BMW’s latest iDrive infotainment system.

2024 BMW X8 Powertrain Specification

The new 2024 BMW X8, as we said, will sit on the same modular CLAR BMW platform as the X7 model. However, from the information we got, the regular X8 should deliver at least 600 horsepower. In case you didn’t know, the latest BMW X5 M delivers the same power, delivering excellent performance.

However, the manufacturer will also offer the high-performance X8 M engine with a more powerful engine. This model should deliver at least 750 horsepower with a V8 electric motor using an eight-speed automatic transmission.

2024 BMW X8 Release Date And Price

Supporting the same modular BMW CLAR platform as the X7, the new 2024 BMW X8 will be even more massive. As mentioned, some spy screenshots and renders are available, and it looks like the X8 will adopt a lot of cues from the X4 and X6 models. The newcomer will likely arrive sometime next year as the 2024 model.

In addition to this variant, the manufacturer will also redesign the X2, X4, X6 and X7 models. When released, the new X8 will compete with models such as the Audi Q8, Range Rover Sport and Mercedes-Benz GLC. Pricing is not available yet, but should be revealed in the coming months.

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2024 Bmw X8 Uk 0 60 Design Launch

2024 Bmw X8 Uk 0 60 Design Launch

2024 BMW X8 Update

The BMW X8 2024 could still make it to the list, according to a new report. Previous rumors suggested BMW’s recently launched XM could have sported the X8 badge, but an article in Germany’s AutoBild reports that the X8 will arrive as an SUV coupe. Based on X7. While the XM will continue to be the company’s performance flagship – and the first independent BMW M model since the original M1 – the X8 will sit beneath it as a coupe, like the other couple models in the range.

The X8 is said to be launched with three powertrain options, with the base model expected to be an xDrive40i variant – although it’s possible the Australian market will see the model emulate the X7, with the xDrive30d opening up the lineup.

BMW has not confirmed the X8, or even hinted at such a model, but the addition is logical: all BMW SUV and wagon models have tilt siblings, except for the X7. The publications state that the X8 will hit the market next year, but since BMW hasn’t provided a teaser or concept for the model, if it pays off, the X8 will likely follow sometime after XM’s arrival in late 2022.

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2024 Bmw X8 Black Edition Blue Seats

2024 Bmw X8 Black Edition Blue Seats

2024 BMW X8 Rumor

Although the X8 is not yet available, fans are considering other options. This SUV may not be available any time soon, but it could be launched in 2022. The odds of the 2024 BMW X8 M becoming a reality are slim considering it will arrive one year after the standard model. What do you expect from the X8M?

A coupe version will also be available. It will be identical to other BMW SUVs that have an alphanumeric name and include a number. While it may seem obvious, this is not necessarily a lie. Another rumor says that the model will have an electric motor. The mysterious model is the BMW X8 M 2024. But what about the performance version? It is not difficult to see.


The M badge stands for performance. Every M crossover and SUV is an upscale model of the standard model. The X6 and X7 are siblings to the BMW X8 M 2024. However, the X7 has yet to offer the M. model, and instead the automaker has released it through Alpina. It’s called XB7. It could follow the same path as the X8 or get an Alpina upgrade. The BMW X8 M 2024 is the home of the BMW eight-cylinder engine. The displacement of 4.4 liters produces more than 500 horsepower. It can produce up to 615 horsepower depending on its configuration. You can’t buy the competition package with the X6M SUV.


It’s hard to believe that BMW will release the BMW X8 M 2024. There is no base model yet. He will soon reveal the X8 and its performance-oriented variants. This SUV will be one of the most fuel-efficient full-size SUVs. While the X6 is comparable to other performance vehicles, it isn’t quite as big as other high-production cars like this. The FCA states that the Hellcat engine is not intended for the Jeep Grand Wagoneer Trackhawk. However, we think it can happen. The Mercedes GLS can rival the BMW X8 M in a field full of German automakers. If BMW continues to use the same nomenclature, a coupe model will be required. There are very few SUV coupes available today. The Porsche Cayenne is one such example. It’s still a mid-size SUV similar to the Lamborghini Urus. The engine is also used by an exotic Italian company.

Release Date And Price For The BMW X8 M 2024

It’s hard to predict the future of the BMW X8 M 2024. So it’s important to look at the X8 first. This has not been confirmed. The M badge will not be revealed until later. BMW hasn’t announced plans to build yet, so that’s a big question mark. The BMW X8 M 2024 may be a typical electric car. However, no one seems to believe it. There is another rumor that a high-performance SUV can also be called something else. BMW is using an Alpina package for the X7 in place of the M badge. Many people wonder if the same will happen with the X8.

2024 Bmw X8 Motor New Review Future

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