2024 Acura RLX Rumors Redesign Reviews

Thursday, June 30th, 2022 - Acura
2024 Acura Rlx Awd For Sale Accessories

2024 Acura RLX. The Acura RLX 2024, one of the most affordable luxury cars, will soon be available with a more attractive design. As far as we know, Acura said last year that it intends to abandon its high-end sedan after 2024. So, if you like this sedan, this is your final chance to get your hands on one. The RLX, like the TLX derivative, will compete with cars in the same class such as the Genesis G70, Lexus IS 300, and Volvo S60.

The current model is available with two powerful engines, one of which is a hybrid. The base model uses a 3.5-liter V6 that produces 310 horsepower, while the RLX Sport Hybrid comes with the same setup but is paired with an electric motor.

2024 Acura RLX Redesign

According to the available information, the Acura RLX 2024 will use the same new design language as the RDX and MDX crossover models. Personally, the RLX is a flagship sedan that’s too good to be loaded with a lackluster look. Measuring 198 inches, it is longer than its competitors such as the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

The overall design is attractive, and the sedan is recognizable by the small grille and slim LED headlights. It also features sporty stripes on the side profile with attractive 17-inch alloy wheels. At the rear, it looks the same as before, with stylish LED taillights and a bumper painted in body colors.

2024 Acura RLX Interior Rumors

The new 2024 Acura RLX is a sedan that comes with an ultra-modern cabin. Perhaps the best thing about this model is its cabin, which provides comfort and space. The front seats are comfortable and supportive, and the rear seats have 38.8 inches of legroom and about 36.9 inches of headroom. The overall interior is fun, and we love the dual-screen infotainment that now supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa. Unfortunately, the Sport Hybrid battery pack takes up space in the truck, reducing the standard 14.9 cubic feet to just 12.

As standard equipment, the new Acura RLX includes leather upholstery, 12-way power heated front seats, three-zone climate control, sunroof, navigation, a 14-speaker audio system, Bluetooth, USB port and HD Radio.

2024 Acura RLX Powertrain Specification

The new Acura RLX 2024 will be offered with the same engine as its predecessor. This means that we can again expect the same setup from both devices. The base model is powered by a powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 310 horsepower. It also drives the front wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission.

The RLX Sport Hybrid is a much better option if you are looking for a more fuel efficient vehicle. This engine uses the same 3.5-liter V6 and two electric motors, one driving each rear wheel. Unlike the base model, this model comes with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic manual transmission with a paddle-shift transmission. The entire system develops 377 horsepower and 341 pound-feet of torque together.

2024 Acura RLX Release Date And Price

Its flagship sedan, the 2024 Acura RLX, will hit the market next year, with several improvements. This model is very luxurious and offers a modern and comfortable cabin. Inside, there’s more room than we thought, and the Acura RLX can seat five passengers. Prices start at $54,900, excluding the $1,025 destination fee.

The RLX Sport Hybrid costs $61,900, but it offers more features and a hybrid system. For reference, the Genesis G80 in the same class starts around $42,500, while the Audi A6 costs $54,900.

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2024 Acura Rlx Awd For Sale Accessories

2024 Acura Rlx Awd For Sale Accessories

2024 Acura RLX Update

The Acura RLX has been a mainstay of the company’s lineup since its first manufacturing year in 2014. The 2021 release is skipped, and 2022 will be the final release of this stunning sedan. Check out all that the Acura RLX 2022 has to offer below.

The trim level for the 2022 RLX version has yet to be announced, but rumor has it that most of the features in the car will be very similar to the 2020 version. They are Standard, Tech, A-Spec and Advance trim levels. The 2022 Acura RLX has a discreet and capable look, with five front headlights, a uniquely-looking grille that leans toward the iconic Acura in the center, and multi-beam fog lamps at each end of the bumper.

Motor (Power)

Two engines are available in the 2022 Acura RLX. The first includes a 3.5-liter V-6 that produces 310 horsepower and 272 pound-feet of torque. This rumored sports version of the RLX includes a 3.5-liter V-6 that delivers 377 horsepower and 341 pound-feet of torque. The transmission is set to a seven-speed automatic dual-clutch manual transmission with available sport gearshift paddles.


The 2022 Acura RLX beats many of its competitors to the finish line as it can go from zero to 60 in less than six seconds. This sedan is built using a unibody manufacturing method and skids the road with a double wishbone independent suspension. This RLX comes with the incredibly agile Acura Handling Assist, so you can make sharp turns and navigate busy roads and parking with great ease. The full steering system gives the rear wheels the ability to change the angle of the foot independently of each other, making it more effective and precise than changing the angle of pull in a non-independent manner.


While many of the features on the RLX are similar to those in 2020, cabin features have changed significantly. Leather upholstery will be a standard feature, and premium quality leather will likely be an option. Voice-activated GPS navigation, AcuraLink internet access and Pandora Radio access are available. The 2022 Acura RLX has plenty of legroom for its class, and the Acura infotainment system offers smart device integration for Apple and Android devices. The sound system is set to be a 14-speaker version, which means audiophiles will likely love the 2022 Acura RLX.

Safety Features

As with all feature lists in this article, the final set may vary after model release. As it is known, the 2022 RLX will come with the following safety features: Forward Collision Mitigation with Automatic Emergency Braking, Anti-Shatter Glass, a set of seven airbags, Safety System with Panic Alert, Rear Child Safety Lock, Ambient Approach Light, ABS and ABS Traction control and anti-theft GPS tracking system.

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2024 Acura Rlx Coupe Changes Color Launch

2024 Acura Rlx Coupe Changes Color Launch

2024 Acura RLX Rumor

The flagship sedan of the brand will not be affected for the next 12 days. However, there is plenty of room for several modest dimensional upgrades throughout the 2022 Acura RLX. The big luxury sedan hasn’t been realistically updated lately. Get various updates. Some of the more exciting changes relate to the visual appearance. Recent versions will appear significantly larger, and a lot of additional information. Also, right now, we’re finally seeing some delicate changes inside.

Finally, learn about the recently available Hybrid SH model of physical activity, which can lead to your NSX supercar experience. With all of the company’s new hybrids, the RLX set for 2022 is almost certain to increase its earned dial number, which hasn’t actually been used for the past few years. In the end, there may be an opportunity in the market to see this easy and fundamental change of partner eventually, such as a mobile merger. The most recent pieces should be obtained in normal times, which is possible if you use this method after 2020.

Exterior Design

The mid-term style revision in the past period has brought about some changes. So, we’re completely comfortable with how the 2022 Acura RLX is almost completely unaffected. Since the current period model of 2020 retains the identical bottom features, there are of course a lot of new details, especially in the striking areas.

This unique large sedan at one point adopted all of the brand’s most used design jargon. So, it comes with an all-new pentagonal grille, progressive movement and taillights, a new hood design, and in many cases, new anti-rust paint.

Interior Design

Inside, there are many important new things, too. First of all, there should be a new handle, as well as a new easy-to-go chair. In addition, it offers the public a new, better quality alternative of solid wood with good tone, as well as a modern interior design usually called caffe. However, this high-end vehicle won’t run the mobile business, and this could be a position that might appear for the 2022 Acura RLX, among other little things.

Acura RLX 2022 Engine

Your device deactivates a 2022 Acura RLX that adopts the same 3.5L V6 engine as the car. This particular version is often used for around 310 hp while not forgetting 272 lb-ft. related to torque. It seems to be in the mix with a six-rate smart transmission. In addition to the impressive appearance, this type of engine also features performance rather than outstanding fuel economy. In fact, roughly 23 miles per gallon is all made into the product. In addition to the regular fuel engine, you will also find a hybrid version. This work uses several design solutions across your NSX.

It is also known as a supercar, moreover, it features several electronically powered engines. Now, the two-wheel drive is kept toward the rear axle, resulting in an AWD chassis. Total output from this method should be about 377 horsepower plus 341 lb-ft. about torque. The transmission may be a software car with a 7-stage dual-clutch system. Fuel economy should reach 29 miles per gallon in development.

Acura RLX 2022 Release Date And Price

We think the 2022 Acura RLX is very impressive in its current market position beyond 2020. In fact, one should still command roughly the same price, which means a starting price of roughly $55,000 and $63,000 is included. The level of the competitor is difficult. You will learn different, for example, Mercedes E-Class and the like.

2024 Acura Rlx Options Competitors Driver

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