2023 Toyota 4Runner Rumors Redesign Reviews

Thursday, May 26th, 2022 - Toyota
2023 Toyota 4runner Engine Electric Fuel Economy

2023 Toyota 4Runner. According to the most recent reports, the next generation Toyota 4Runner 2023 will include several changes. The new vehicle will have greater off-road capabilities, additional driver aid technologies, and a spacious interior for passengers and goods. According to reports, the automaker will also debut a new member of the TRD Sport family. If you are unaware, the identical option is available for its pickup counterpart, the Toyota Tacoma.

The 4Runner TRD Sport has 20-inch alloy wheels, a hood scoop and a Sport badge all around. It should also be equipped with adaptive dampers for much better body control. As for engines, each 4Runner is available with a 4.0-liter V-6, producing 270-hp.

2023 Toyota 4Runner Redesign

The Toyota 4Runner 2023 is one of the unique models on the market. Its boxy shape and rugged styling set this SUV apart from other models in its class. The next generation will be more modern with additional details such as a painted diagonal C-pillar and wider flared fenders.

However, the exterior of the 4Runner could change a bit more when the final variant arrives. The manufacturer mainly focuses on the TRD Pro model which has a lot of different off-road touches. This model comes with a unique front skid plate, wheels and roof rack. A TRD Sport model is also available, and has an appearance package with color key accents, hood scoop, front spoiler and black roof rails.

2023 Toyota 4Runner Interior Rumors

The interior design of the 2023 Toyota 4Runner looks quite stylish. Toyota has included some modern tech features, and stepping inside, you’ll see the first 8-inch infotainment system with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Amazon Alexa. The seating area is quite spacious, and this SUV can accommodate seven passengers. You can fold the rear seats and add 89.7 cubic feet of cargo in the back.

Despite its simplicity and aging design, the interior of the 4Runner is quite functional. All seats are very supportive, and comfortable enough for all day adventures. For serious fans, the TRD Pro model is at the top of the 4Runner offering. This model includes Crawl Control Multi-Terrian Select, dual-zone automatic climate control, perforated leather seats, powered moonroof and more.

2023 Toyota 4Runner Powertrain Specification

Like the current SUV, this new SUV will use a single engine. The upcoming Toyota 4Runner 2023 will be available with a 4.0-liter V-6 engine and a five-speed automatic transmission. This unit produces 270-hp, and is equipped with rear-wheel drive. Of course, there is the option of upgrading to a full or part-time four-wheel drive system.

The mentioned powertrain provides excellent acceleration, sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in 7.6 seconds. For towing, Toyota’s sturdy frame and torque-rich engine give this model the ability to tow a capacity of 5,000 pounds. The 4Runner beats the Jeep Wrangler, but less than the 8700 pound Durango.

2023 Toyota 4Runner Release date

The 2023 Toyota 4Runner will arrive next year, featuring many upgrades. This SUV is one of the toughest on the market, built on a very sturdy platform. Apart from that, it comes with a spacious cabin, and houses a lot of driver-assist technology.

As for pricing, we’d expect the Toyota 4Runner to start at around $37,000 for the base model. The best value is the lower-end models with 4-wheel drive such as the TRD Off-Road trim. However, a fully loaded 4Runner can easily go as high as $50,000.

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2023 Toyota 4runner Sr5 Gas Mileage Accessories

2023 Toyota 4runner Sr5 Gas Mileage Accessories

2023 Toyota 4Runner Update

If you’ve heard rumors, the Toyota 4Runner 2023 is said to come with a completely different construction and body style. The company claims that they are looking to launch the next generation of 4Runner, complete with updated changes as well as new technologies. If all goes according to plan, the 4Runner will arrive at the end of 2022. But again, this is just a rumor as Toyota has yet to release any official confirmation about it.

Honda 4Runner 2023 will be more interesting than the old design

Toyota 4Runner 2023 Exterior Redesign

Toyota is expected to make the biggest and most noticeable changes to the exterior. Some say they might incorporate a more Daring design. The predictions are taken from rendering images available on the internet. The rendering shows the front view of the 4Runner with a more aggressive body construction. If it is true that Toyota carries a modern body design, the new Honda 4Runner 2023 will be more attractive than the old design. In short, style will make a trip stand out.

If you take a look at the design, you’ll notice the grooves located on the hood, meaning that this mount is primarily powered with the right stuff. There is also an extra LED headlight design that completes the overall look of the new Toyota 4Runner 2023. It looks cool and refreshing! It would be even better if there was a rendering image showing the steering area; how it looks luxurious and exclusive with a progressive and somewhat futuristic design.

Toyota 4Runner 2023 Interior Redesign

To match the attractive exterior appearance, the company is also working on the interior area to keep everything in balance. If you take a look at the renderings, you can see that Toyota has more premium inclusions in the design. In fact, it can be said that the interior of the year 2023 looks magnificent and stunning. The upholstery is quite impressive and when you combine it with the spacious cabin it feels great. Thanks to the upholstery, the cabin has an airy and charming aura. From the driver’s side, the design looks cool. In the front area, there is a large monitor that displays navigation and overall car information, including the entertainment system.

Toyota 4Runner 2023 Engine and Performance

There is no detailed information about the engine. The current one runs on a 4.0 liter V6 engine along with a five-speed automatic transmission which runs well with different drive systems: rear wheel, four wheel drive and all wheel drive system. So, it is expected that the upcoming model will be similar to the current model.

Toyota 4Runner 2023 Price and Release Date

There is no definite information regarding the release of the data, although several sources mention the possibility that Toyota will launch it at the end of 2021. For the price, it is estimated that the price will increase. That’s because of the updates and extra work to make it more luxurious. To get a more beautiful and luxurious 4Runner, it’s possible that the initial price tag is set at around $50,100. But then again, we’re not so sure about everything because Toyota hasn’t said a word yet, so stay tuned for further updates of the Honda 4Runner 2023.

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2023 Toyota 4runner Package Cargo Space Mpg

2023 Toyota 4runner Package Cargo Space Mpg

2023 Toyota 4Runner Rumor

Toyota’s current generation of famous off-roaders has been around for more than a decade and is in desperate need of an update. The good news is that most of the unofficial reports suggest this will happen in the next year. The new model will come as Toyota 4Runner 2023, according to rumors and will be completely redesigned, with a new design in every aspect. However, we are still waiting for official confirmation, so take the following paragraphs with a bit of backup.

However, the next generation will bring many important new things. One of the first things that comes to mind is the platform, which will be shared with the new generation Tundra, Sequoia, etc. In addition, we rely on a completely new style, significantly improved interior and more technological goodies. Finally, we’re counting on a new engine under the hood.

The Toyota 4Runner 2023 is expected to arrive sometime in the summer of 2022.

Redesign of Toyota 4Runner 2023

The first and most important thing to mention is that the new Toyota 4Runner 2023 will continue in the same way, as the original body-on-frame SUV. It will continue as a capable off-roader, which is a segment that is growing quite strongly in recent times. Even the previous generation is still very popular, so the expectations of this new model are quite high.

So, we expect this new model to use Toyota’s new TNGA-F platform, the same platform used for the new Tundra, and to be used for the next-generation Sequoia and Tacoma models. One thing that should be significantly improved is the ride quality. The new model should be much better on the road, but that’s by no means a compromise when it comes to off-road performance. The new model will be as capable as the current model, and even more so.

Of course, high-performance variants like the TRD Pro will also be offered, with lots of additional off-road hardware, unique styling details and similar things.


Talking about the exterior design, it’s too early to talk about the details. At this point, the best we can do is rely on some of the photo renderings circulating on the network, which suggest that the Toyota 4Runner 2023 will adopt a brand new design language for the BoF vehicle, which will debut in the new Tundra. . This refers to the large grille and bold front fascia, with uniquely shaped headlights.

The rest of the body should come in typical SUV fashion. We don’t expect significant changes in size, as things like a longer wheelbase or overall length might compromise off-road potential. Also, expect lots of unique styling details from models like the TRD Pro, which will come with unique color options, bodywork, alloy wheels, and more.


On the inside, the Toyota 4Runner 2023 will change significantly. To put it simply, the current model is too old and not much has changed since its 2009 launch. The dashboard looks outdated and also uses mostly cheap materials. We hope that these things will change. The new dashboard will look much more modern, while the use of better materials is also expected. Finally, the build quality can bring improvements, although the current model is already quite good in this aspect.

The Toyota 4Runner 2023 should also be equipped with all kinds of new technologies, from a new infotainment system and various advanced driver aids. For interior space, we assume that the new model will continue to use 7 seats, but with slightly better passenger space in the third row. Cargo area could be bigger but not too much.

2023 Toyota 4Runner Engine

This aspect will bring about some of the biggest changes. The current model uses the old 4.0-liter V6, which will use more power but from what we know so far, won’t leave room for anything bigger. Instead, the Japanese manufacturer will offer a smaller turbo-four engine, which will be able to meet the high emission standards we’ve seen lately.

Exact details about the engine are still not available. However, we assume that the engine will be tuned to offer around 300 horsepower or so. Apart from that, we have no doubt that the current 5-speed automatic transmission will be replaced with a new 8- or 10-speed unit.

Some sources have also speculated about a possible hybrid version. Such an option also sounds possible to our ears, although we will have to wait for officials to hear something about this matter.

Toyota 4Runner 2023 Release Date and Price

The Toyota 4Runner 2023 could arrive next summer, although officials remain silent. We’re assuming that the price won’t change significantly, so the base version will probably be a little under $40,000.

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