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Saturday, February 26th, 2022 - Mitsubishi
2023 Mitsubishi Triton 4wd Manual New

2023 Mitsubishi Triton. 2023 Mitsubishi Triton is already on its way, and it is slated to have more modifications than many anticipated. First and foremost, we may anticipate fresh aesthetics and a more comfortable cabin. The most interesting news, without a doubt, is that the new PHEV technology will power the 2020 Mitsubishi Triton. According to reports, the Eclipse Cross hybrid system will be available on the next Triton and Pajero Sport vehicles.

The current system combines a 2.4-liter four-cylinder petrol engine capable of producing 132 hp with twin electric motors producing 80 hp and 137 Nm at the front and about 94 hp and 195 Nm at the rear. It also has a 13.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, which is enough for about 25 miles.

2023 Mitsubishi Triton Redesign

The exterior of the new Mitsubishi Triton 2023 will be updated, and we can expect a more attractive design. It is said that the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance will use the same platform that we saw in the new Nissan Navara. However, we believe the platform will be modified to support the PHEV system and a large underground battery.

In terms of design, there is very little information. Overall, in order to stay competitive and compete with some of the most powerful trucks in its class, the manufacturer would likely make the Mitsubishi Triton more dominant in the lead. Like the previous model, we expect this new model to come in the same shape as the headlights and maintain an attractive grille.

2023 Mitsubishi Triton Interior Rumors

The next generation of the popular Mitsubishi is sure to come with a more modern cabin, featuring many standard and optional amenities. Like its counterparts, the Mitsubishi Triton 2023 will offer a very spacious and comfortable cabin.

From what we’re hearing, the manufacturer will be adding a more supportive seat that should be available in a variety of materials. Apart from that, we can also expect a completely new dashboard which will of course carry a much larger infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Security should also be better, featuring more sophisticated technology.

2023 Mitsubishi Triton Powertrain Specification

It is said that the new 2023 Mitsubishi Triton will use the same hybrid system as the Eclipse Cross. The hybrid combines a 2.4-liter four-cylinder petrol engine producing 132 horsepower and 199 Nm of torque with two twin electric motors. The front engine generates 80 hp at 137 Nm, while the rear engine generates 94 hp and 195 Nm.

The Eclipse is also equipped with a 13.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, enough to cover a distance of about 25 miles or 40 km.

2023 Mitsubishi Triton Release date

According to Australian media, the next generation 2023 Mitsubishi Triton pickup truck will arrive next year with a revamped look. It will also reportedly get the company’s plug-in hybrid system, which will make the Triton the world’s first 1-ton hybrid light commercial truck.

The next generation Triton will be developed in parallel with future versions of the Nissan Navara and Renault Alaska. After all, the Mitsubishi Triton PHEV will encounter jointly developed trucks such as the Hilux and Ranger. Unofficially, the PHEV will cost around A$40,000, which is about $30,000.

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2023 Mitsubishi Triton Problems Adblue Towing

2023 Mitsubishi Triton Problems Adblue Towing

2023 Mitsubishi Triton Update

The current generation of the popular mid-size pickup truck from Mitsubishi has been around since 2015 and it looks like we will see big changes in the near future. It is claimed that there is a new generation in development and from what we can hear, it will bring some interesting new things. Most notable is the engine under the hood, where we hope to see the plug-in hybrid powertrain, for the first time in this segment.

Apart from the new powertrain, this restyling will also bring changes in many other aspects. Of course, we’ll see a new exterior design, while there are also good reasons why the new model will be jointly developed with Nissan. Of course, the new interior is something else that comes to our mind, as well as the addition of the latest technology features.

Mitsubishi Triton Restyled 2023

This restyling will bring a lot of new things and one of the things to remember is that Mistubishi is now part of the Renault Nissan Alliance. Therefore, it can be easily developed along with the next generation Navara. The two models will share a platform, as well as several mechanical parts.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that the new Mitsubishi Triton 2023 will come with a completely exclusive design. We assume that the new model will follow the path set in 2019 when this pickup is adapted to the new design language. We assume that the new generation will further develop this aesthetic approach and the new model will look more striking.

Another thing we heard about the next generation Mitsubishi Triton 2023 is the suspension upgrade. The Japanese manufacturer appears to be planning to improve ride quality, so the higher grades will likely come with an upgraded rear suspension. On the other hand, the basic version with a leaf spring is likely to be very reliable.


The interior design is perhaps one of the weakest points of the current generation. Looks old, even by this sector’s standards. So, we expect to see a slightly nicer dashboard design, with nicer materials and more tech features.

In terms of cabin configuration, we don’t expect any surprises. The new model will come in single and double cabin designs, with different bed sizes on offer.

Mitsubishi Triton 2023 Engine

This aspect will probably bring the greatest novelty of all. If we can believe the latest reports, we’ll see a compact hybrid powertrain, for the first time in this segment. At this point, details are still not available, we think we can see an upgraded version of Mitsubishi’s familiar hybrid system, which is based on a 2.4-liter engine and is equipped with two electric motors and a single-speed automatic transmission. With a combined output of about 221 horsepower.

The diesel version will work the same way. That probably means the same fully capable 2.4-liter turbo under the hood, which produces around 133 kW (180 hp) and 430 Nm (317 lb-ft) of torque. Some sources suggest that the new generation could switch to Renault’s 2.3-liter turbodiesel, but we’re not so sure.

The current model uses Aisin’s six-speed automatic transmission, although we may see some improvements for the next generation.

Release date and competition Mitsubishi Triton 2023

We expect the Mitsubishi Triton 2023 to arrive in about a year. It will enter the market either in late 2022 or early 2023. Of course, the competition will remain the same and will include models such as Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max etc.

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2023 Mitsubishi Triton Dimensions Double Cabin

2023 Mitsubishi Triton Dimensions Double Cabin

2023 Mitsubishi Triton Rumor

The Mitsubishi Triton 2023 (2023 Mitsubishi L200) debuting next year will be powered by electricity. That’s according to a report by Motoring.com.au, which says the next generation Triton (and its SUV partner, Pajero Sport) will get Mitsubishi’s plug-in hybrid technology.

The post below spoke to Masahiro Owano, chief engineer at Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in December 2020, who said they are studying different hybrid powertrain options, including three- and four-engine setups that could form the basis for performance-oriented models as well. Thus, the Triton could become the world’s first 1-ton hybrid light commercial vehicle.

Mitsubishi Triton 2020

When the publication asked if the current PHEV system seen in the Eclipse Cross could be ported to powerful models like the Triton and Pajero Sport, Awano replied that an upgraded version of the current PHEV system would be installed in Mitsubishi’s next generation cars and pickup trucks. .

Awano is likely to talk about Mitsubishi’s new powertrain introduced at the Outlander PHEV in October 2021. The 2.4-liter petrol engine runs 98 kW / 195 Nm, with an 85 kW / 255 Nm front engine and a 100 kW / 195 Nm rear engine. Newton meters, and a 20 kWh lithium-ion battery feeds the motor.

Striped Hybrid From Day One Of The New Mitsubishi Triton

Owen Thompson, senior director of product strategy at Mitsubishi’s Australian subsidiary, told local media (via Drive) in September 2021 that the company had been planning to electrify the next generation Triton from day one of development. Thompson suggests that electrification in this decade is inevitable, and could bring success in Australia. He added that a gasoline-powered PHEV system might be a good thing for urban customers, but it won’t work for remote users on mining sites due to safety concerns. Expect the range to include petrol, electric and petrol hybrids, and diesel variants in the future.

It should be borne in mind that the Mitsubishi Triton 2023 (2023 Mitsubishi L200) is being developed in parallel with the future versions of Nissan Navara and Renault Alaska. Mitsubishi will likely take the lead in developing the vehicle, and more clarity about this product program will emerge later this year.


Next-generation Tritons launched in 2022, spy photos from drive.com.au revealed. Mitsubishi has not yet begun using the new chassis, which means a continuation of the design, an early stage prototype. However, external technical changes are visible in this shot.

The Triton wheels appear to be spaced apart, which means a longer wheelbase than the current model (3000mm). Mitsubishi appears to have increased track width, which may affect turning circles but improve handling. According to the Australian publication, the company may have used a larger intercooler during early stage testing.

Design cues for the next-generation Triton could evolve from the Mi-Tech concept shown at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Although the Mi-Tech is a beach buggy type model, it has strong front and rear design elements. Fits powerful Mitsubishi models such as the Triton and Pajero Sport.

The next generation Mitsubishi Triton may, at some point in its life cycle, acquire a sporty Ralliart model that competes with the Ford Ranger Raptor. While announcing its fiscal year 2020 financial results, Mitsubishi confirmed that it is relaunching its RallyArt division and alarmed the current generation of Triton Rallyart.

We have decided to relaunch our RALLIART brand for customers in the Mitsubishi Motors plan looking to add more fun to Mitsubishi Motors. In the future, we plan to develop the item as an original accessory for various models, and we also want to seize the opportunity to participate in motorsports.

A few years from now, a new generation Triton Ralliart featuring a unique design and modified components optimized for performance could replace the 2021 Triton Ralliart, which was just an accessory truck. The brand has to mature before it can compete with N divisions like Hyundai or the Toyota GR line.

Mitsubishi’s Australian subsidiary is very excited about the potential of the Triton Ralliart. A local CarsGuide spokesperson told in May 2021 that “people like fast, hard strings” and that performance models like the Triton Ralliart “will resonate in Australia”. However, when Thompson spoke to CarSales Australia in September 2021, his tone indicated that Ralliart’s return to Australia was not imminent and that they wanted “to see him return (to Australia) in the right way”.

Australia and New Zealand should be among the first markets to receive a next-generation one-ton Mitsubishi by 2023.

Mitsubishi Electrification Strategy

Mitsubishi, like Dacia, is not interested in electricity. Constrained by the acceptance of electric vehicles in its primary market, it is not optimistic about electric vehicles at the moment. At the Digital Alliance Conference on January 27, 2022, President and CEO Takao Kato offered insights. In November 2020, the Japanese automaker announced that it aims to convert 50% of its total sales to electric vehicles by 2030 to become a carbon neutral company by 2050.

For Mitsubishi, our electric target is only at 50% electric ratio for 2030 including BEV, PHEV and Hybrid. This doesn’t seem like a very ambitious goal, but there is a reason. Because, for example in Europe, the trend of electrification is very, very clear. For example, by 2030, if we want to survive in Europe, most vehicles must be electric vehicles. It is very clear. But, for example, like Mitsubishi, our main market is the ASEAN region. In this area, the trend is still not very clear. The government sometimes says “we’ll push the BEV hard” but next year “sorry, we’ve revised our course”. Therefore, strategies are always changing and changing in those countries.

When Will The Mitsubishi Triton PHEV be launched?

The Mitsubishi Triton PHEV is expected to be in the next generation of the Triton family, which could be launched in the ASEAN and Australian markets in 2023.

Which Pickup Will Rival The Mitsubishi Triton PHEV?

The Mitsubishi Triton PHEV will compete with Alaska & Navara-developed products, apart from the Hilux, D-Max and Ranger.

How Much Does A Mitsubishi Triton PHEV cost?

The cost of the Mitsubishi Triton PHEV is estimated to be around AU$40,000 (US$30,000).

2023 Mitsubishi Triton 4wd Manual New

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