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Friday, April 8th, 2022 - Buick
2023 Buick Envision Features Gas Mileage Hybrid

2023 Buick Envision. The Buick Envision 2023, which will be on sale later this year, is a five-seat compact SUV with a lot to offer. This model is not as opulent as some other Buick models. Nonetheless, it is a premium crossover with a spacious interior and an exquisite exterior. Under the hood of the Envision crossover is a fuel-efficient four-cylinder petrol engine.

A nine-speed automatic transmission is standard, and an AWD system can be added for an additional $2,000. Envision will only receive minor modifications because it is a new model. In case you didn’t know, Buick Envision got a big makeover in 2021. This model will go on sale in the second half of 2022, and here’s what you need to know about it.

2023 Buick Envision Powertrain Specification

The upcoming 2023 Buick Envision will be equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. This engine can develop up to 230 horsepower and approximately 260 pound-feet of torque. With front-wheel drive as standard, this gasoline engine produces 24 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway.

All-wheel drive is available, but it cuts fuel economy down to two miles per gallon. The Envision is a very agile crossover with excellent driving qualities and handling with great power. Parking and maneuvering has never been easier due to its small size.

2023 Buick Envision Interior Rumors

The quality of the interior is what makes this model so good. As mentioned earlier, the Buick Envision 2023 is not as luxurious as some of its competitors. However, since this is Buick, you can expect an upscale cabin. Soft touches and modern amenities abound in the cabin, including wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay.

The Driver Confidence Package includes more driver assistance features than ever before. Thanks to it, you will now have systems such as automatic emergency braking and rear cross traffic warning. Five passengers can sit comfortably, and the Envision model will ensure maximum comfort. If you want more luxury, the Envision Avenir design level is an ideal choice as it offers plenty of premium touches.

2023 Buick Envision Redesign

From what we know, the new Buick Envision 2023 will only receive some external updates. According to reports, some trim levels may receive significant upgrades. We don’t know what upgrades will be coming, but new wheels are coming soon. Plus, a new exterior color is always an option. While some new paint will be shown, some existing colors will be deleted.

The E2 architecture underpins this compact crossover, which shares design cues with other Buicks as well as Cadillac XT4 models. The Envision model is 109.2 inches tall and features stylish 20-inch alloy wheels.

2023 Buick Envision Release date

As for pricing, the 2023 Buick Envision should be just over $31,000. The Avenir trim level will cost at least $40K, but the mid-range Essence Edition is also a good choice in our opinion. All-wheel drive is optional again, and it’s available for $2,000. Sales will begin later this summer, according to sources.

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2023 Buick Envision Manual Dimensions Engine

2023 Buick Envision Manual Dimensions Engine

2023 Buick Envision Update

The upcoming Buick Envision 2023 is a five-seat compact SUV with a lot to offer. This model is not as luxurious as some other Buick models. Nevertheless, it is still a premium model with a comfortable interior and a very modern exterior design. Under the hood, the Envision crossover hides an efficient four-cylinder gasoline engine. A nine-speed automatic transmission comes standard, while you can get the optional all-wheel drive system for $2,000.

Since this is a relatively new model, Envision will receive only minor updates. In case you didn’t know, Buick Envision will receive a major overhaul in 2021. Sales will start later this year, and here’s everything you need to know about this model.

Buick Envision Face Lift

From what we know, the new Buick Envision 2023 will get a minimum of cosmetic upgrades. However, reports indicate that some trim levels could get a single important upgrade. We don’t know of any upgrade that could happen, but rumors point to new wheels. Also, new exterior colors are always possible, but they should be. The new model will lose the brushed metallic bronze colors and brushed metallic steel. However, Buick will definitely offer a new paint job as an alternative.

This compact crossover sits on the E2 platform and shares many styling cues with other Buick vehicles, as well as with the Cadillac XT4. The Envision model measures 109.3 inches in length and comes with an ultra-modern design and stylish 20-inch alloy wheels.

Interior Upgrade

What we like most about this model is its premium interior. As we said, the Buick Envision 2023 is not a luxury model like some of the others in its class. However, this is a Buick, which means that it comes with a very luxurious cabin. The cabin is packed with soft touches and modern amenities, including Android Auto / wireless Apple CarPlay. Furthermore, this crossover is equipped with Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Automatic Emergency Braking.

Driver assistance is part of the Driver Confidence Package. There will be room for five passengers and the Envision model will provide guaranteed comfort. If you want more luxury then Envision Avenir is the best choice as it represents the highest level of trim.

Envision Suv Offers Big Mpg

Under the hood, the new Buick Envision 2023 will hide the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. This unit is capable of producing 230 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. This gasoline engine also produces 24 mpg city and 31 mpg highway with standard front-wheel drive.

The AWD setup is optional and lowers the fuel economy rating by 2 mpg. With plenty of power, the Envision is an incredibly agile crossover with great ride quality and great handling. Thanks to its compact dimensions, parking and maneuvering has never been easier.

2023 Buick Envision Release Date, Price

Prices for the upcoming Buick Envision 2023 will start again at $32,000. All Wheel Drive (AWD) is optional and you will be charged an additional $2,000. And while the preferred trim level offers plenty of tech, we’d recommend Essence’s mid-range look. A higher-end Avenir variant will cost more than $41,000. Reportedly, Buick will launch the Envision compact SUV and crossover in the last quarter of 2022.

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2023 Buick Envision Horsepower Interior Images

2023 Buick Envision Horsepower Interior Images

2023 Buick Envision Rumor

The redesign last year brought an entirely new design. With changes and improvements in all aspects, it is hard to believe that Buick Envision 2023 could come with more significant changes. After a major stylist upgrade, next year’s model will only bring new color options and alloy wheels. Everything is pretty much the same inside, as we may see some standard features. From the outside, the powertrain will certainly remain the same.

In general, you may trust familiar design characteristics and features. One of the best things about this crossover is its design which looks absolutely stunning. The cabin also looks good, while we really liked the smooth ride. All of these things come at a very attractive price, but they also mean some compromises. This crossover is not very pleasant to drive, while the engine is clearly less powerful for a more attractive driving experience.

Since there are no major changes ahead, we assume that the launch date will be set in the last quarter of this year.

Buick Envision 2023 Engine

Things under the hood will definitely stay the same. The Buick Envision 2023 will feature the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which produces around 230 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. That’s a typical amount of power for this segment, at least in terms of basic engine options. On the other hand, many competitors have stronger options on offer.

The engine provides decent acceleration and overall performance, but we would definitely not recommend it to more ambitious drivers. Relatively modest amount of power, and we also don’t really like the 9-speed automatic, which is often giddy with the crap. The fuel economy, on the other hand, is very good, coming in at around 24 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway.

2023 Buick Envision Design

According to the latest reports, Buick Envision 2023 will come with some updates in terms of outward appearance. Also, this update will only be available for certain trim levels. We’ll see a new wheel design, as well as a new color called Dark Moon Blue Metallic.

The overall design will remain the same. Based on the E2 platform, this crossover shares most of its parts with the XT4 model. It measures about 109.4 inches and provides an overall smooth ride. On the other hand, dealing can be more direct. Combined with the modest engine power, this is one of the biggest drawbacks of this model.


Once again, we didn’t expect to see a bigger update. From what we know so far, the best we can see is modernity in terms of some accessories and optional packages. From the outside, the overall appearance of the cabin remains the same. Like other Buicks, this one also treads the fine line between premium and mainstream segments, and the cabin is a perfect example. The interior looks very good, while the overall quality is higher compared to the mainstream models, but it’s still a lot lower than what you get from the Acura RDX, Lincoln Corsair and others.

In terms of passenger space, both rows are very spacious and can easily accommodate adults. Good driving position, as well as visibility in all directions. The cargo area provides about 25 cubic feet behind the second row and 53 cubic feet of total volume. This is a fairly common number for a class.


Of course, there is always the opportunity to see some changes in terms of standards and available features. From what we understand so far, an air ionizer will no longer be available. Other than that, we think everything will be pretty much the same. The base model will come with trinkets like LED headlights, roof rails, power-adjustable driver’s seat, 8-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, six-speaker audio system, keyless entry, and so on.

In higher trim levels, you can have a lot of options. Some of the highlights are things like dual-zone climate control, heated seats and steering wheel, a larger 10-inch touch screen, remote ignition, more speakers, wireless charging, navigation, a display, and more.

Buick Envision 2023 Release Date And Price

Since there are no bigger changes to be found, we’re sure Buick Envision 2023 won’t come until the last quarter of the year. The base model should run around $33,000.

2023 Buick Envision Features Gas Mileage Hybrid

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