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Friday, April 9th, 2021 - Honda
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The HR-V is one of the Honda models that is in high demand in the national market.

A compact crossover car entered the Indonesian market after being presented at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) in 2014. At that time, it was available in two different engines, 1.5L and 1.8L.

Yesterday, Honda manufacturers released the 2022 Honda HRV for the European market.

It’s a revamp of the 2020 version with a fresh look, including support for a new powertrain. The manufacturer also adds a touch of sophistication to the cabin, making it more refined and modern. Of course, the naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine will continue to be used, but it is not clear if it will take over the turbo or not. The 2022 Honda HRV will debut at the end of 2021, and it is said that it will be the first to enter the European market.

2022 Honda Hrv Awd Specs

2022 Honda Hrv Awd Specs

2022 Honda HRV Exterior

2022 Honda HRV has a fresh look inside and out. The exterior is very new, with a strong taste for the SUV / Crossovers market.

But compared to the previous HR-V, the HR-V feature is less noticeable because the new version looks more distinct and the body surface is flat, while the old version is more curved and angular.

The headlights look narrower and elongate. To give the front a neat impression, the headlights are connected by a thin chrome line.

The grille front shape no longer uses a solid wing front but is replaced by a new, more radical grille in shape.

Like body-colored thin blades that appear integrated. It looks futuristic, just like the dashboard of an electric vehicle.

In Japan, consumers can adjust colors, including other colors on the grid rod. So if someone feels the grid color is too monotonous, it can be replaced with another color to make it look more fresher.

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2022 Honda Hrv Colors Dimensions

2022 Honda Hrv Colors Dimensions

Overall, the 2022 Honda HRV newer shape resembles a coupe, with a narrow C-pillar.

The rear window has been tilted for more dynamism and to follow narrow design lines at the back. The taillights are also newly manufactured, complete with the elongated rear taillights.

2022 Honda HRV interior

The interior is smoother and more luxurious than before. The design has been made simpler and simpler so that it looks spacious.

Encapsulated with high quality and soft material. The plastics used are also of higher quality.

2022 Honda HRV wide panoramic roof is installed to brighten and comfort the rear passengers.

The manufacturer also included an L-shaped AC ventilation hole in the top corner of the dashboard. The latest version also has air vents for the rear passengers.

2022 Honda HRV Engine and transmission

The European version gets a hybrid engine, like the Honda Insight and Accord Hybrid. But for the North American market, it is not certain which machine will be used.

Consumers in America expect machines used in the latest HR-V to have more power.

For example, it could be from the 2.0 turbo four-cylinder in line with the Honda Civic developing 158 hp. The cab is also expected to be quieter with better insulation technology.

2022 Honda Hrv Hybrid Interior

2022 Honda Hrv Hybrid Interior

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The same manufacturer indicated that it has made a series of changes to the HR-V, so that it keeps pace with the times.

No exception when it comes to cabin comfort, which means comfort can once again be improved.

2022 Honda HRV Infotainment

All models are equipped with a touch screen entertainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The touchscreen is likely to be larger than the current 7.0 inches, and it is mounted on the center console.

On the screen there is a variety of vehicle information, Wi-Fi, a navigation system that functions as a rear view camera.

2022 Honda HRV price and release date

With no major changes coming for the 2022 Honda HRV, we assume it will be delayed sometime in the year. The base variants are currently approaching $ 20,500, and we are also basing on similar metrics for next year.

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