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Saturday, March 13th, 2021 - BMW
2022 Bmw I3 120ah Price

The highly anicipated 2022 BMW i3 is an all-electric city car that has a lot to offer. This model looks good and the design is really impressive. However, I3 still ranks among its competitors in terms of performance. This includes battery size, range, and more. Fortunately BMW offers an optional powertrain option.

The interior looks great. Everything inside is very modern and sophisticated. However, cabin space is the biggest problem. The 2022 BMW i3 will come with mid-cycle improvements, so we don’t expect any major changes. Sales will start later this year.

2022 BMW i3 design

As crazy as it sounds, the new 2022 BMW i3 is shorter than models like Honda Fit. However, the i3 looks impressive and the design is absolutely perfect. The all-electric hatchback has a vertical look. However, to improve the car’s stability, BMW pushed the wheels into corners. It’s easy to use, but it looks a little strange.

2022 Bmw I3 Trims Colors

2022 Bmw I3 Trims Colors

This model is very easy to stop and generally easy to maneuver. Back hinged doors are another strange guide, but overall everything else is fine. Interestingly, you cannot open the rear doors until you open the front doors. Yes, some things are uncomfortable, but if you look no further, this is just a great little hatchback.

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2022 BMW i3 interior gets minor updates

We will not write about the 2022 BMW i3 and its high-tech features. The hatchback offers everything except Android Auto for a reason. Hopefully, 2022 BMW i3 will introduce Android Auto. Additionally, the i3 is packed with hi-tech features, including the very latest in driver assistance systems. The interior is very luxurious and luxurious.

The dashboard looks elegant and simple. Tablet-like screen shown. There is room for four passengers but the interior space is limited. On the other hand, the comfort is great and the seating position is perfect. The cargo area is rated 15.1 cubic feet, but folding the seats opens up 36.9 cubic feet of space.

2022 Bmw I3 Vin Base

2022 Bmw I3 Vin Base

2022 BMW i3 Range and acceleration

The new 2022 BMW i3 comes equipped with a Li-ion battery that provides a maximum range of 243 km. The electric motor can produce 168 horsepower and 185 lb-ft of torque. Rear wheel drive is standard and BMW offers a single speed transmission. According to BMW, the small hatchback accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.1 seconds and has a top speed of 93 km / h.

There is an optional transmission kit that uses the same battery. However, the electric motor is more powerful because it generates 181 horsepower and 200 foot-pounds of torque. The range is the same, but this i3 version accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds. In addition, the optional propulsion system provides a top speed of 160 km / h. Finally, the 2022 i3 delivers 113 MPGe combined.

2022 Bmw I3 Specs Mpg

2022 Bmw I3 Specs Mpg

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2022 BMW i3 release date and price

The changes are minor, so the new 2022 BMW i3 doesn’t cost more than its predecessor. Pricing should start around $ 45,500. Additionally, the model will cost a more powerful electric motor that will cost you $ 48,500. Sales will start in the second half of 2021.

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