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Monday, April 19th, 2021 - Mini Cooper
2021 Mini Cooper Se Awd Battery

The Mini has a long history of building attractive driving pleasure with kart-like handling and buzzing turbo engines. Meanwhile, the industry continues to advance towards electrification. This is Mini’s entry into the fray with the 2021 Mini Cooper SE, an electric version of the Cooper S, which replaces that car’s 2-liter turbocharged petrol engine with the same electric powertrain found on the BMW i3s. Today I’m in the Mini with the all-new Cooper SE electric car. The big question I want to answer is that this new electric Mini Cooper marks the beginning of a new era in MINI, and that’s all we want to discover here.

2021 Mini Cooper SE Engine

Now the 2021 Mini Cooper SE is based on the current generation Mini Cooper platform, which debuted in 2014. This is not a dedicated review platform, so you might be curious about opening the hood. This is basically the same drivetrain that we find on the BMW i3s, and thus the performance version. Surprisingly, if you remove that plastic cover, you can see that there is an electric powertrain for this vehicle.

It generates 181 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque. Now if you compare those numbers with those of the gas-powered Cooper S., the gas-powered vehicle produces about eight extra horsepower and about ten more pounds-feet of torque. This is very similar. That’s why the Mini is called Cooper S and E for electric. Now, of course, there is no gearbox in a car like this. Gas-fired copper offers either a six-speed manual, a six-speed gearbox, or an eight-speed automatic transmission. This only comes with one transmission.

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2021 Mini Cooper Se Range Review

2021 Mini Cooper Se Range Review

Mini says the performance is very similar to the car’s gasoline power. It should hit 16 in about 6.9 seconds, and charging is this car’s range. Mini said that when they first launched this vehicle last year, it would have a range of about 235 to 278 kilometers. The actual EPA numbers for a US spec vehicle are one hundred and ten miles. Now that’s very disappointing in terms of competition. Remember the Cooper SE should be like a second car.

The minivan mostly resembles second cars, so MINI claims a range of 110 miles is sufficient for such a vehicle. This car has a fast charging option; You can also charge it quickly at the 50 kW station. What would it cost you about 80 percent in about 35 minutes? This car takes about 24 hours if you charge it only once. It takes about 4 hours to charge Level 2. Because this car only has a battery with a capacity of 32 kilograms and a half per hour. Hence, the range is only 110 miles.

2021 Mini Cooper Se Countryman 0 60

2021 Mini Cooper Se Countryman 0 60

Due to the electric powertrain and batteries, this vehicle is now relatively heavy. The average gas-powered vehicle weighs around 3,700 pounds, and is actually quite heavy for a small car of this size. This one is around 300 pounds heavier here, the suits could still weigh more than 4,000 pounds before the electrified Cooper SE.

2021 Mini Cooper SE Exterior design

Now you must get to know the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis generation. Probably at the last stop, the Mini will soon introduce a new generation. As you can see, despite six years on the market, this car still looks relatively modern. There is little evidence to suggest this is the actual electrified version of the Cooper S apart from the grill. Which, as you can see here, is completely cut off. There are also several acid yellow accents on this vehicle. This is what many use to show that this is an electrified powertrain.

All Cooper switches come standard with full LED headlights including LED daytime running lights, LED turn signals, and you have LED fog lights here. I think this car looks really cool. I love the way the girl is cut, the only thing I don’t like in the front is the fake hood scoop. Mini decided to keep the hood shovel for the S petrol engine small.

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2021 Mini Cooper Se Electric Seats

2021 Mini Cooper Se Electric Seats

Since no engine needs air to an intercooler, you can tell it’s already cut. I hope many had just lost it, but they also wanted to show that this still looked a bit like an S, but with an electrified powertrain. If you look to the other side of the profile, you can see its length is 152 cm. This is a small car I mean when you compare it to something like a Nissan LEAF. This car is about 2 feet shorter, which makes it the most premium in this segment.

2021 Mini Cooper SE interior design

When you get into the 2021 Mini Cooper SE now, you can see, just like the outside, that the interior has undergone some minor changes. The door appears relatively solid. It reminds me of the last Mini Cooper I was in. The changes you can see here are very minor. I mean clearly, the acid yellow touches are slightly transferable. There are some yellow accents here that let you start your stop. The floor mats are also unique. And I love these seats too – these are the upgraded seats with premium upholstery. You can see they have a kind of quilted diamond pattern, nice stitching and they are also very soft and comfortable.

They are all operated manually, and have up to eight different modes. You even get an extended thigh on the driver and passenger side here. The seats are clearly designed more to be more sporty, but for Huey I find I fit them very comfortably. In terms of materials, this vehicle has a relatively good material. The steering wheel is cute too, it has very nice leather. It’s a very thick hardened rim, and it has the usual steering wheel controls. The door panel is soft-touch here, too; Windows up and down for both OneTouch, which is great.

2021 Mini Cooper Se Interior Images

2021 Mini Cooper Se Interior Images

Now that it’s a compact and electrified car, you are probably wondering what the payload capacity is. Cause recalls that the Mini offered an electrified version of the Mini E about 10 years ago. Because the batteries took up space there, as there is no back seat and no charging place. For this new generation, the Mini has clearly redesigned the batteries due to the new technology. And you won’t lose any cargo space here compared to a gas car.

You’re looking back here at about 8 points 7 cubic feet of space. This is quite small, but do not forget that we are talking about a car with a length of 152 cm. Now, if you want, you can fold the seats down here, and it will give you about 32 cubic feet of space. That’s okay, but bear in mind that you won’t lose that backseat anymore, but we’re going to include the entire luggage space here, as you can basically see backpacks. Well, the Mini didn’t compromise cargo space with this new electrified version.

2021 Mini Cooper SE release date and price

About a decade ago, when the Mini tried its first electric run with the Mini E., it was a one-off model in which many could only sell about 50 in the United States. Of course for the second copy of their electrified car. This is a car that will be available in all 50 states and is available now. You can buy this thing too, so it’s something Mini has spent a lot of time on as all of this is done in-house. It has the same drivetrain in the BMW i3 S. Which makes this thing a fast little car, I mean 0-60 in 6.9 seconds. It’s not quite fast with many electric vehicle standards. You can thank Tesla for that.

2021 Mini Cooper Se Interior Images

2021 Mini Cooper Se Interior Images

If you see it from the road, test drive. Although the car has front-wheel drive, the car has enough power. It can even cut off the power. And while we’re here in Florida, there aren’t many winding roads, I still feel that this still handles and feels like a mini. Which means it has go-cart style controls. It has a slightly harder ride quality, which can be a deal breaker for some.

I like that Mini kept the look attractive while adding a few small details at the same time. The fact that this is an electric car with wheels with a yellow accent. Bear in mind that the Mini offers several custom options in this vehicle. You can tweak this to remove some electrified things like the yellow badge here and there for a more traditional look.

Really, what makes the 2021 Mini Cooper SE so attractive is the fact that the Mini has priced this car very well. The base model starts at twenty-nine thousand nine hundred dollars. That’s only about $ 2,000 more than the gasoline-powered Cooper S, which is now a bargain. Of course, this particular level here has three elaborate levels; There’s this signature in addition to the iconic bezel. Iconic cropping adds things like a panoramic sunroof, a larger 8-point angel screen, head-up display, and Harman Kardon sound. That total now is thirty-six thousand nine hundred dollars plus the destination. That’s before federal tax breaks now if you bought this car in the US. You qualify for a full $ 7,500 tax credit for this vehicle. You can, of course, add this to your purchase price the following year.

2021 Mini Cooper Se All4 Accessories

2021 Mini Cooper Se All4 Accessories

Depending on which state you live in, some states offer up to $ 3,000 in credit. If you choose the basic version, you can get this car for less than $ 20,000. Really, it makes the 2021 Mini Cooper SE a really attractive proposition against a gas car. If you’re okay with the fact that it only offers 110 miles of range … I think that’s my only criticism of this vehicle; I want the Mini to round the range to 200. It’s really an interesting fact. The second car, and I think it will be another tempting offer. Of course, what we’re seeing here is the beginning of a new era for the MINI as their second attempt.

2021 Mini Cooper Se Awd Battery

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