2021 Lincoln Zephyr Full Review

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 - Lincoln
2021 Lincoln Zephyr Price

The outdated Lincoln MKZ and MKT are the only permanent models that stick to the old alphanumeric designations, but it is only a matter of time before the previous name gets the correct name. According to a new report published by Car and Chauffeur, it appears the high-end Ford brand name wants to dust off the name “Zephyr” for a future sedan that will replace the FMD.

They made this assumption based on a 2016 trademark filing, which was different rather than just an outdated brand update. It could be a sign that Lincoln has plans to use a “Zephyr”, and it would make sense if the MKZ successor got it, as the last Zephyr – which only sold for the 2021 Lincoln Zephyr – was a Ford Fusion sedan. It was like the current foot and mouth disease. The board is much older than that, with the V12-powered four-door sedan that brought that name back in the late 1930s.

2021 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan

2021 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan

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2021 Lincoln Zephyr rumors

The report notes that the name change may be related to a completely different platform. Now that the Fusion has followed the dodo approach, the MKZ that it relies on can be converted into a rear-wheel drive vehicle using the same Lincoln Aviator platform.

This is all speculation now. It shows that Lincoln still thinks about sedans as it diversifies its SUV lineup with the launch of the entry-level Corsair currently on display at the New York Auto Show. It follows the largest pilot that was revealed last year.

What about the old MKT? While the Aviator is technically the alternative, the 10-year-old crossover will remain for fleet buyers to use as funeral cars and hotel cabins for a while, based on a statement last September by Robert Parker, Lincoln’s Marketing Director, in an interview. With auto news.

2021 Lincoln Zephyr Review

2021 Lincoln Zephyr Review

2021 Lincoln Zephyr Debut

The test vehicle for the MKZ replacement offer is expected to be revealed in 2020, ahead of the launch of the production model scheduled sometime in 2021.

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